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Default Re: The Star Wars Fanbase - How do they feel?

Originally Posted by regwec View Post
I think that all of the Star Wars movies have been intended to appeal to the broadest audience as possible, but that the increased disposable income of the younger section of that audience probably did lead to the prequels catering to it more specifically. I think the OT would best be described as a "family adventure", and perhaps the prequels failed to remember the rest of the family, to an extent. It is probably the better quality of the OT that, overall, leads to it possessing an enduring cross-generational appeal.

In thirty years time, I can't honestly envision the prequels being remembered or watched as anything other than a bittersweet footnote to the OT.
I agree. To me they will be like the Bond films in some regards. Where there will be clear thoughts of quality to the masses. Most still celebrate Connery's Bond era, where as Moore's, and Dalton's not so much. I think the PT especially after the ST will be seen as the lesser of the films. I don't think they will be grouped into the "Old Star Wars films" because if anything Bond has shown that, even to the new generations. Go over to the Bond section and we can see that.

I was 14 when I saw Episode I, so in a sense I was a "kid" but they did not appeal to me, and many of my friends. As I got older they really did not hold up. Whereas I saw the OT as a kid too, and quite the opposite happened.

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