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Originally Posted by Bruce_Begins View Post
Blake knows that the whole Gotham City believes that Batman has sacrificed himself to save the City, Yes ?

Blake Knows that a statue of Batman has been placed in the Gotham City's Town Hall by the mayor.
Batman telling Blake to wear a mask and handing him all the resources to Batcave means that he wants Blake to become a new vigilante (Nightwing ?)[/QUOTE]

Not necessarily. Keep in mind, the entire point of Bruce becoming Batman in the first place was that Batman is "An idea", and ideas can't be killed. So there's a Batman statue? So what? By having blake 'resurrect' Batman he's simply strengthening the mythological power behind symbol. In effect, having Batman 'die' and then 'come back to life' arguably makes Batman more effective.

Conversely, I do think Blake becoming an 'Oracle' type character instead is a definite possibility, but assuming he was to take up a vigilante approach I would sooner expect him to become Batman than Nightwing. Nightwing hasn't got a resonant history in this universe, and would be far less effective than simply carrying on in the tradition of wearing the Bat-mantle.

So, why many people believe that Blake was going to be the new Batman, I believe that if Nolan wanted to show that Blake is indeed Gotham's new Batman, he would have shown a Batsuit coming out of the Batcave platform.
If anything he wanted to leave it open to the audience's interpretation. You're interpretation is that Blake will become Nightwing. Whereas others feel that he will become the next Batman.

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
It's a way of saying..

"yes this is an original character created for this trilogy but he is the epitome of almost every successor that's ever been under Bruce Wayne. We wont show you Batgirl or a kid Grayson/Todd/Drake/Kelly running around in a red suit, or a sci-fi Bats who comes back to the cave to see 80 year old Bruce with his dog Ace. But they all have something in common: the theme of passing the mantle. For the legacy to live forever through multiple generations".
This. Exactly this. The specifics are left open. It's the thematic element that matters.

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