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Default Re: The Star Wars Fanbase - How do they feel?

Originally Posted by regwec View Post
Jedi Spirit, I think you may be making a small conceptual error by assuming that the relative financial success of the prequels will lead to their "formula" being followed in future Star Wars films. The fact is that their is a wealth of critical opinion- you can call it bias if you like- that has led to the prequels being established in the popular mindset as tarnishing the collective view of Star Wars. You argue quite persuasively that this isn't a fair evaluation of the movies. But the likelihood is that efforts will be made to disassociate the future films from any negative brand equity attached to the prequels.

I just hope they don't "go darker".
Let me put it this way, the President of the United States, just got elected by about 52% of the vote...52%...I would say if you polled the general movie going population you would get a favorable rating of 75% of the back to the POTUS...some say he is great, others say he's the worst Prez ever, maybe as high as 25% may say that...

The point I'm making is, having even a sizeable minority against you, doesnt really matter to the Powers that be...and the minority, well they look like bitter spoiled children that didnt get their for thought...

It's time to ask yourself, what is the motivation for being so anti-PT, cause when ST arrives, you will have issues with it, maybe different ones than you had with PT, maybe new ones, in any event, it's anti/negative/backlash internet Culture, that wasnt around in 77-83 when the OT came into being, thats the real difference in the arguments...

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