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Default Re: What Character do you wish Marvel never created...

Originally Posted by Optimus_Prime_ View Post
Kind of curious why Apocalypse. I've always rather liked him as an X-Villain.
when Apoc came on the scene. he was suppose to be the next great big thing. changing angel into death. his 4 horsemen! all that. instead dude changed into another run of the mill filler villain of the week! his design was weak. his motivation was weak ( i still dont get what dude's powers are other than getting big and stating "the age of Apoc is upon you!" great villains have great motivation. For instance Magneto's time in Dachau concentration camp. you could see that dude being royally pissed the &^%$ off at humans, but Apoc... i got nothing! which brings me to
Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
No bad characters, just bad writers.
i beg to differ "Count of Monty Cadavers" while that is true the basic premise of a good character needs to be there from the start. Eddie Brock was a steroid using goon who was pissed that parker expose him. Huh! come on man! it was just an excuse for that 90's black outfit people were so caught up on! that dude sucked from day one!maybe he's gotten better cause i stopped reading or caring about that dude when he started showing up fighting Iron Man. i think the initial character and motivation needs to be there for a good character and i know... CATMAN!( but tell me you read any of that dude's stories till he got bad ass? hehe


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