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Default Re: The Star Wars Fanbase - How do they feel?

Originally Posted by Jamiestarr View Post
Star Wars was ALWAYS made as something for kids. Watch/read/look at anything about the creation of the 1977 film, and you will see that Lucas was making a film for a new generation of kids.

I mean, much as I love it, the Original Trilogy was not lauded as being great for it's dialogue/acting/character development/plot- meaning, a mature movie for grownups that kids could get into. It was a movie for the youth that grownups kind of dug as well.

Ever see the Star Wars episode of That 70's Show? The father's negative response to seeing Star Wars is a typical reaction from many adults upon the film's first release.
Yeah kids love torture, forced amutation, decapitation, murder. The fact is the original films were good enough that i loved them as a child as did many other and i can still love them today. The prequels however, while many have stated several times they loved as children, they no longer love today. Star Wars was a FAMILY film, NOT a kids film. Meaning it is something that the whole family can watch and enjoy, as opposed to movies aimed only at entraining one or the other.

No Lucas wrote Star Wars because he was weird and he wanted to pay homage to the adventure serials from his childhood. He also put deeper themes and messages about coming of age, atonement of the father, spirituality being lost to technology, and many basic archetypes that you need to have a fairy tale in space. In the prequels he shoved as much crap on screen as he could and tried as hard as he could to pander to the kids without giving it a whole lot of substance. The original films were a slice of cake and the prequel films were twinkies.

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