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Default Re: Guardians of the Galaxy: General Discussion & Speculation Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Zarex View Post
At times Drax has been depicted as being Hulk-sized, so as far as I'm concerned, the bigger the actor they can get, the better - especially with not-so-small Chris Pratt in the lead.

As far as Thanos goes - while he should definitely be imposing and muscular, I am not as hung up on height with this character. Some of his best moments in the comics have come pounding on much larger characters like the Hulk and Champion, and I think that a more compact Thanos quickly dispatching a larger Drax would translate well to the big screen.
This, in a way. I wouldn't want him to be Thor's height. I think he should be a taller than Thor. Thor should come up to his nose I think

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
I've been thinking...does Thanos really have to be the villain of the film? It would be weird if the big baddie they gave us at the end of Avengers got beaten in a film before Avengers 2, if that happened he might as well be Loki level. At the same time, it wouldn't make sense for the Guardians to lose in their debut film either. Then I remembered about Adam Warlock and that storyline with him and Gamora involving the Universal Church of Truth where Thanos teamed up with Gamora to take down Magus and the Church...only to back stab her in the end. If Warlock is in the film, it would be a good use of his character to have his alternate self as the villain while introducing Thanos as a conniving, hands-on bastard. It would also be a good way of showing all the different aliens in the Marvel cosmic, through the church. The church was even used in the 2008 Guardians comic.
exactly. He just turns on the team at the end, for what he wants, setting up avengers 2.

Originally Posted by DarthSkywalker View Post
If it is truly a lead-in to Avengers 2 them losing seems appropriate really. Especially if the giant tease is what would be hitting Thanos next.

But there is also always the possibility that he is defeated and then gets a power boost with the Infinity Gauntlet at the end as a big tease.
yes, but he doesn't have to be defeated, or even be the primary antagonist to be a lead in

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
Well, you can't go wrong with the Guardians title like Chewy said, but here's more in depth if you want it as well:

To get a sense of the history of the individual Guardians before they became a team in 2008 (more specifically, Drax, Gamora, and Thanos' history) I recommend you read Iron Man v1 55, Captain Marvel v1 25-33, and Avengers v1 125, in that order. It covers the first appearance of Thanos and Drax and the Avengers' first battle against Thanos.

After that, read Strange Tales 178-181, Warlock 9-11, Marvel Team-Up 55, and Avenges Annual 7, also in that order. Those cover the relationship between Thanos, Gamora, and Adam Warlock/Magus and the first appearance of the Universal Church of Truth, which will no doubt be used in GotG. Avengers Annual 7 also tells Thanos' origins in depth.

For Star-Lord, just read Marvel Preview 4 for his origin story and maybe issues 11, 14-15, and 18 for his early adventures. He's not a highly used character until the 2000s. Groot and Rocket Raccoon are pretty inconsequential as well.

Finally, after that I'd recommend reading The Infinity Gauntlet if you haven't already, but if you're only interested in the Guardians and not Thanos, then you want to jump to the modern era cosmic stuff involving Annihilation, which begins with 'Thanos' in 2004. Here's a chart for that:

After all that, you will be an expert on the Guardians side of the cosmic universe.

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