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Default Re: The Star Wars Fanbase - How do they feel?

Originally Posted by regwec View Post
No, I laid out my reasoning expressly in the post you quoted. The stigma of negative brand equity is something which Disney will not want to inherit- if you think of their investment in the franchise as a sum, then Jar Jar Binks might be a liability on it of 20%.

"Batman and Robin" was a very respectable commercial success, but it got panned, so WB wisely chose to take its Batman franchise in an alternative direction. Your view seems to be based on the idea that, because the prequels were a relative financial success, there is no other way that similar money can be made with the Star Wars franchise. I think you are mistaken.
Business men think different, as in, don't fix it if it's not broken...Jar Jar a 20% financial liability to the franchise is a laughable thought...

Batman & Robin earned 107 million domestic, production budget was 125 million, to say nothing of its marketing cost...on the other hand Batman Forever, the previous franchise film cost less 100 million, & earned much more $184 million...The reason is was retooled, was because if failed to yield the dollars expected, plain & simple...If reviews & awards mattered, there would rarely be sequels...If you want an education in box-office, I'm happy to give you a lecture...

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