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Originally Posted by Lead Cenobite View Post
Although it's nice to see the classic style Superman back in some form, the New 52 is really not that different from most depictions of Superman other than having a new suit. Why is it Man of Steel gets so much leeway with its changes to the suit but everyone acts like the New 52 suit is some huge abomination? It's ridiculous.
It's not ridiculous because not all changes are alike. Sure, MoS's design removed the trunks, added some texture to the material, and darkened the colours, but other than that, its pretty traditional. It's an update or tinkering, not a redesign. You have the classic neckline and cape attachment, boots, and even the basic design of the belt is the same.

The Jim Lee redesign completely does away with the classic Superman design other than the S shield and colours. The suit has a completely new neckline and cape attachment, new belt, and different boot shape. It's a complete redesign arguably. That is why I like the former and dislike the latter and why I think legitimate arguments can be made praising the faithfulness of one while criticizing the other.

Show people a black and white sketch of the 2 designs without the S-shield and I'm pretty sure only the MoS suit will regularly be identified as Superman.

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