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Default Re: Do you accept the theory of evolution? - Part 1

So let me get this straight.

Kal, you are saying that there is no way whatsoever that a higher being/possibly a highly evolved being could not have been responsible for the Big Bang? I'm not talking God or gods. I am talking about a highly evolved or natural force.

If someone wants to call that force a god or belive it was a god that did it how can you say they are wrong? We have only specualtion as to what caused the Big Bang. Sentinel, is simply filling in the X in the equation. An X that cosmologist still don't have an answer for. He isn't saying that evolution didn't happen or is negated by the presence of a god. Evolution works just fine whether it was began by a god or a completely natural force. It still functions under the same laws of the universe that were put in place by either a natural force or a supernatural force.

Me personally I accept evolution, but I'm not going to attempt to say what caused the big bang. We just don't know and our species will most likely be extinct before we have the pleasure of finding that ouyt. If someone wants to attribute it to a higher power that is perfectly fine. It doesn't take anything away from evolution.

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