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Default Re: That Wasn't The Wrestling Thread, That Was CGI!

Thinking back at wrestling memories I have/going through some of my wrestling DVDs&watching old clips on YouTube..I realize that WWF/E was never that great or was&is very overrated,I mean I've honestly been a wrestling fan since I was just 1yo But always thought WWF/E was the best in the world(except WCW)even though I was into different promotions growing up.

I've always thought the Golden Era was the best WWF/E era and still think so But as far as a wrestling company..NWA/AWA/WCCW/Mexico&Japan were truly better at the time IMO and then ECW&especially WCW and now TNA and especially the indies/Mezico&Japan are way better than current WWE.

I still care about WWF history and enough about current WWE to keep up with it(results&spoilers)Although I stopped watching since the Rumble and likely will be doing for a while,But I feel bad now for pretty much being a mark,I always knew Vince's company was more a circus than a wrestling pro option But I guess the fun&entertainment over the years blinded me

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