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Default Re: Do you accept the theory of evolution? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Thundercrack85 View Post
I'm just tired of the "God of the gaps". It's like deists, even ones who acknowledge things like evolution and the modern cosmological model, just can't part with the ancient creator mythology.

Let it go. Unless there is evidence to the contrary, give it up.
No one here is saying give up and just accept God did it. Until they fill that gap and we have a name for the catalyst call it whatever you want. If I want to say gogogambushu caused the big bang there is nothing wqrong with that. What harm does it do.

Right now we have an equation.

X=Big Bang Dark Sentinel is just giving X a name.

And like I said, you nor any scientist has a clue what lies outside our universe nor what was pre-big bang. Saying that some beings or natural force existed or played a part in all that stuff is not saying it was a magical god. I don't really like god of the gaps but I equally dislike the way some sieze up at the mention of anything resembling a god.

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