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Default Re: Paul Giamatti IS Rhino

Originally Posted by SlamAdams View Post
Why it it silly? Why can't it be serious? Just because they don't stand around and narrate everything? It's science fiction and fantasy. Why can't there be a little mystery? Why does everything have to be poked and prodded with bull%^*+ narration just to trick people into saying "that would never happen but since they said that I'll ignore it?"

As for examples, 3 first Indiana jones movies off the top of my head. Quite a few James bond movies start that way. Quantum is not one of them.

It's silly because it's lazy. It's the school of thought that goes: "Oh it's just a comic book movie, Anything goes!" This is just a cop out to include whatever fanservice and fa-wankery you want.

I'm not sure what you're on about with the narration thing. Personally, I'm not a fan of voice overs in films.

These cold openings work for Indiana Jones and James Bond because they are human and their adverasies are human. There's usually little explanation or suspension of disbelief required. If you're going to introduce a super-powered character like Shocker or Rhino in the more "realistic" "serious" world TASM established, you'd better have a damn good reason or explanation behind it. Otherwise, you've got something goofy cartoon of a movie like Batman & Robin where crazy stuff like this happens all the time with little to no explanation.

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