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Default Re: Web shooter shop class - Part 2

Originally Posted by JMA610 View Post
Yah, I remember when you posted that Hopefully my formula will hold up as well as that. I might add some of the plumr for strength. But not to get off topic, I am close to finding my last piece, but finding the right sized spring with the right "springyness" is proving to be a pain in the arse. But I still stand by my march 1st completion date.
I know it may seem a bit obvious, but you should look in button-click pens. You can really find a wide variety of springs in there, considering there are several different sized pens. If all else fails, you can try Home Depot.

Also, I just did a bit of math with my shooter. Due to some knowledge in the fields of civil engineering and architecture, I know that a vertical water supply (or any liquid with the same viscosity as water) will exert 2.31 psi for every foot of water present. If I have 4 inches of water in my canister, held vertically, it will produce 2.31/3 psi. That puts out about 1 drop (about 1/6 of a milliliter) every 5 seconds. 2.31/3 is 0.77. That means that there is 0.77 psi pushing out 1/6mL per 5 seconds... meaning around 1/30mL per second. However, if I add a CO2 cartridge, it will have a pressure anywhere from 600-1000psi. So increasing from 0.77 to something like, oh, 800psi... that's 1039 times the pressure. So that's 1039 times the fluid output per second. (1/30) times 1039 is almost 35. So, my shooter will be able to output around 35 milliliters per second. This means that it could fill up the average disposable water bottle in around 14.5 seconds (assuming I had that much fluid in the canister in the first place). Wow! That's a lot of fluid output... but will the shooter's adhesives be able to hold up? We'll have to wait and see if the shooter doesn't explode due to the pressure.

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