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Default Re: Paul Giamatti IS Rhino

Originally Posted by SlamAdams View Post
I don't care how human the people were in Indiana Jones and James Bond, they literally dropped you in the middle of a story with absolutely no idea what was going on or what was supposed to be going on.

Spiderman got bit by a suped up Spider and than fought a man-lizard. No amount of explanation made that more realistic or serious.It was realistic and serious because under the science fiction were human characters going through human emotions that were handled in my opinion with the kind of respect they deserve. Batman and Robin explained exactly to a T how Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy got their powers. They were never made any broader than that (except for the frozen tear scene). It was super-lazy and a fine example of exactly what I don't want and sounds exactly like what your are asking for.

You are too concerned with superpowers. I don't care about superpowers. I don't want an adaptation of the Marvel Handbook. I only care that it is a good movie that takes its interesting characters and challenges them with an interesting plot. Explaining the window dressing doesn't make for a good movie. Plenty of superhero movies do that and they still suck. A prologue is mostly just for fun and eye candy but it brings with it a powerful message that Spiderman has been doing more than stopping pickpockets and purse snatchers. With one supervillain getting his butt whooped in the beginning, you establish a broader science fiction reality better, more excitingly, and more organically than Nick Fury stepping out of the shadows and saying (and I paraphrase) "you just entered a bigger world"
Times like these I wish Superhero Hype had a 'Like' button

... But then again, I think The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is one of the best CBMs ever, so what do I know?
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