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Default Re: Kevin Feige says no to another Hulk Movie.

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
What I'm saying is there's no *motivation* for a Civil War in the MCU. Civil War comes about in the comics as a result of massive collateral damage created by irresponsible supers (well, actually, by the irresponsible producers of a reality TV show, but hey, why confront Mark Millar with one of many, many, many plotholes), and causes the superhero community to address the age-old question of "who watches the watchmen." Again, the reason it's necessary in the comics is because so many superheroes have been acting as masked vigilantes with no oversight, and no way for innocent civilians to protect themselves or seek redress against above-the-law godlings who act as judge, jury and executioner on city streets.

That scenario in no way, shape or form exists within the MCU. (Yet.) Nobody in the MCU tries to hide their identity; nobody in the MCU is a vigilante; nobody in the MCU even acts as a crimefighter. Until you start getting that kind of superhero in the mix, there's no impetus for a Civil War. MCU heroes are generally known to the public (SHIELD agents notwithstanding; but they're government agents already) and have shown no indication that they want to go around acting like Spider-Man or Punisher or Daredevil, arbitrarily meting out justice on their own terms.
And even if you take into account more street level types engaging in various degrees of vigilanteism, the Registration Act is *still* moot, because the setting *already* has a law enforcement mechanism for dealing with superhumans. Its called "SHIELD", and its shown every sign of being able to see through the vast majority of secret identities anyone might try to hold, and the resources and legal authority to deal with superhuman criminals.

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