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Default Re: That Wasn't The Wrestling Thread, That Was CGI!

Originally Posted by The Sage View Post
Oh, Cena's getting booed regardless, and I can't imagine no one in WWE hasn't anticipated this. They might be okay with it. It's been what...8 years of Cena getting mixed reactions?

But Ryback getting booed and jeered at by the crowd at Wrestlemania? They can't want that.
Originally Posted by the_ultimate_evil View Post
no its not the entire main event isnt a good idea. the jersey crowd will crap all over this. and once cena wins and he will mania will leave the air under a cloud of boos

but that wont matter sure it'll be edited for raw the next night
But for anyone watching WM29, which they won't be able to edit then, it'll be a tough sight to see them putting the WWE title back around Cena's waist with the entire crowd just hammering him with 'boo's...and it won't make Vince happy at all.

And I wonder what Ryback will end up doing...he at least needs an opponent that the crowd just hates to lessen the 'Goldberg' chants and amp up the 'Feed Me More' chants.

Ryback feuding with 3MB maybe? Lol.

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