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Default Re: Which X-Men Should die or be dead in DOFP?

Originally Posted by JP View Post
Considering everything that's happening, and everything that's being said by those in control, it's pretty apparent that we're going to get a "present day" expanded universe after the events of DoFP. I don't see how anyone couldn't see that.
glad to know more users see it too.

Im so sure Singer and Millar have big plans for the near future. Some days Im really shocked some x-men fans on here dont feel the excitement about it.

Fox has the chance to do GREAT things in the near future with most of the original cast. you know, almost everyone wants to return, and Bryan is back. What more do we need?

its like a must

Fox could do FC sequels whenever they want, the actors can age and it wont be a problem. And the bigger the actors get, the better. So no need to "rush" FC3.

Batman movies came 4 years after the previous, Fox could and should do the same.

This is the perfect time for X-men 4. Its now or never, if they dont want some actors to look too older than their last xmen movie (2006) appart from Anna, Ellen, Shawn and Hugh.

Alan Cumming is up to return, they shouldnt wait much more for Kurts return. The makeup could give us a still great Nightcrawler. The rest are fine, including James Marsden. Almost everyone is asking for Cyclops.

Fox would be soooooooooooooooooo stupid to miss this perfect scenario. Singer and Cast all on board, even before Fox? come on!

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