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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by herolee10
Whoever came up with the idea that they should do a Planet Hulk film for the MCU but have Thanos being responsible for sending him up there instead and avoid having a World War Hulk film where Hulk goes into battle with all of the other heroes; I applaud and fully support that route.

Honestly, I’m tired of seeing the Hulk as either a misunderstood character or a neutral form of chaos where he’s placed in convenient situations that aims his anger at the enemy as opposed to the good guys.

I want to see the Hulk portrayed as somewhat more intelligent and more of a prominent force for good and how he overcomes the whole obstacle of getting the majority to eventually see that he his a force for good and not the monster that they keep making him out to be just because of his appearance and temper at times.
What about the setup they had in the last Hulk film with The Leader? Also, out of all the guys they have to choose from for the Avengers to face, it would be boring to have the villain be Hulk in Part 3. Assuming we get Thanos for Part 2, I want to see something new, like a team of villains like the Masters of Evil.

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