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So this isn't a thread from someone who hated or disliked The Dark Knight Rises, but it is a thread from someone who LOVED the film and still had some issues, as is the meaning of this thread. The four megaton nuclear/neutron/atom bomb with a six mile radius. And while the bomb itself can be seen as such a major flaw with the film, the real problem is the time frame.

Now from Bane's "calculations", it would take five months for the nuclear reactor's core to heat up so it'll react as a bomb, but did it really take five months? Just something I've been wondering earlier today(I think of the most random crap at times I swear) that the only numbers we hear are: three months, the time the cops have spent inside the tunnels when the Special Forces arrived, as Blake mentions this; and twenty-three, which is how many more days was left as mentioned by Lucius Fox when he and Miranda Tate met up with the Special Forces guys and Blake.

So, did it really take five months? I honestly think that it was between four to five months. The "three months" that the cops spent inside the tunnels at that time could have been three and a half months, and an additional twenty-three days would be making it more than four months but less than five whole months.


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