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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - Part 8

Originally Posted by WoodyROM View Post
I can't get the player to work, nothing too exciting I take it?
its just a preview from tonights ep so hopefully they will talk about it more, but i doubt it. She just says how excited she is about it, hopes everyone loves henry, and how she always loved lois and wanted to be her as she was a big superman movie fan. lol she then sings 'can you read my mind'

amy seems a genuine fan of lois which is exciting!!

also i read something a while back which is interesting- "Several years ago, Matt Bomer was going to play Superman in Brett Ratner’s Superman project. At the time, Amy Adams read with him as Lois Lane. Bomer liked Amy in the role and hoped she would be cast as Lois Lane in the movie. The movie got shelved. Superman Returns was made instead. Henry Cavill loses Superman to Brandon Routh. Bomer loses Superman in Man of Steel to Henry Cavill. Amy Adams is finally cast as Lois Lane several years after being considered opposite Matt Bomer. Bomer reveals in an interview that he always thought she should be Lois. Matt Bomer gets cast as the voice of Superman in the new animated feature, Superman: Unbound opposite Stana Katic as Lois Lane. And here we are… "

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