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Default Re: The Star Wars Fanbase - How do they feel?

Originally Posted by TheDevilIsMe View Post
If someone posts that "Most movie-goers hated the PT" - nobody says a word, nor do they ask if that fan "Called/Mailed/Faxed" everyone who went to see it.

Suddenly if the opposite is written - the guy saying that suddenly needs to have called/mailed/faxed everyone for opinions or else that statement is invalid.

Lack of criteria/Sweeping generalizations only work one way, is that right?
Dude you've seen one movie. How are you going to criticize a fan base when you haven't seen 85% of the saga? I've only seen like two James Bond films I am in no way able to laud those who hated the Pierce era. You are at no more liberty to judge anyone who likes or dislikes the prequels. You've made it very clear from the time of your first post you strongly believe the PT fans are the poor victims hounded by the relentless and cruel OT fans so why do you even bother? If you are really that worried that people won't like the 7th installment in a series you've seen almost none of, then just don't become a part of it.

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