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Default Re: The Star Wars Fanbase - How do they feel?

Originally Posted by Solidus View Post
Thousands of accounts? Nah. I think some just use that. I think that there are haters and lovers that fight on it, but the majority out of a million are actual people using it, not multiple accounts.

I just am questioning things. Because you said you knew nothing of this stuff, and now you claim you've seen RLM ect. I'm just starting to question what is this you are asking now? You joined in December, but brought this up now? But you are not a fan? Not that there is anything wrong with it, but I'm just questioning this. At the beginning of this post just a few days ago you said you knew nothing. But to me you've made up your mind quickly with knowing nothing at first.

No I would not because I agree with it or not. To me I've spent more time in these forum realms and seen vitriol as bad on both sides TFN is a perfect place of that. Tons of Star Wars 1977-2012 avvies ect.

I just am questioning what is this paper for? What is it's purpose? Why did you come in saying you knew nothing of it except seeing one film, and wanted to keep it this way, now you've said you've watched all the RLM things ect.
I've taken a look at RLM, of course. It was integral to getting to know the critiques.

I never said I knew nothing. In my original post I make it a point to say I will watch the other 5 films in order to be fully literate on the continuity more than I am now, and in that first post I openly stated this;

Originally Posted by TheDevilIsMe View Post
I know alot about the films, the characters and such from reading about the films over the years - but I've still yet to see five of them.
And I wrote my paper about a year ago for an introductory film studies class - we were discussing critical success and target-audience consensus versus financial success and which means more to a franchise/studio's future - and we were free to write anything related to it so I chose to cover a fanbase and their divided opinions on two different hemispheres of a franchise and how it affects the integrity/success of the brand to the studio.

I think people are forgetting that the impression I had was up for contesting - but if you want to erase a huge amount of negative fanbase infighting I exposed myself to - I'd need more than "Well...both sides are mean" if you understand what I'm saying. I'm basically trying to get posters like you to prove to me that my impression was wrong and why.

People also forget that my main point was to discuss " most fans feel about the film - what is the general consensus on the idea of "New Star Wars"?"

But it's turned into "Who is meaner?" and "Who is the majority/minority?" type thing.

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