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Default Re: The SUPERIOR Spider-Man

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
Another great issue. People have been criticizing the book for not being an Otto redemption story so far, but that's missing the point of why Peter is there. This isn't just an Otto redemption story, it's a Peter/Ock bonding story. They're each other's greatest enemies and their intimately learning about each other. That's pretty clear now from this issue and it's ****ing awesome. Can't wait to see what Carlie does next.

And once again, Stegman's art is spot on. This is what I imagine a 2013 Spider-Man comic book should look like, fun, sleek character designs, and great action scenes. This book is turning out way better than I expected. It's honestly some of Slott's best work so far, and it's augmented by Stegman's great art. Giuseppe Camuncoli is on issue 4 though. I don't think he can do as good as Stegman but hopefully he doesn't take away from anything either.

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