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Default Re: Unintentionally Funny Moments in The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
^ That really adds up to the point I made earlier on why the second fight was much shorter than the first fight too. Batman kept his hits to a minimum to where they can hurt while a Batman that didn't even fear death tried to do whatever he can and while doing such was getting tossed around by Bane in their sewer fight. There are just so many parallels between the two fights and the latter fight being shorter only goes hand to hand, imo, with Batman taking his hits at a minimum and just waiting for the right moments without letting Bane get his hands on him.
Another parallel I like is when Bane catches Batman's punch during the second fight; Batman actually over powers him and releases himself to actually give Bane a few licks to the chops. And this is about 10 seconds or so before he breaks Bane's mask. That's quite a feet considering Bane was still juiced up. In the first fight Bane catches two of Batman's punches and makes him pay for it.

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