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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

Originally Posted by BullMcGiveny View Post

"Worthy"? The contract is in Marvel's favor. EVC has to honor it, Marvel don't. Atwell also signed a multi-picture deal and she isn't being asked back.

Also, why wouldn't Captain America's Lois Lane be expected to return?

Carol is a far, far better fit in GOTG.

Why place her in a movie where she has no real connections to the mythos in question? She's never been one of Steve's love interests.

CATWS is introducing a new superhero (, and showcasing another established one (Natasha). Neither IM3 nor TTDW are doing either. CATWS is doing more than its share for the larger Marvel universe.
Well, IM3 has speculation that it's introducing Wasp. Not that I believe it.

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