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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 7

[QUOTE=Aron9692003;25147131]How exactly do you get them before? They were about to stock them or you work there? I went to TRU, 2 targets and 2 walmarts, then a local comic shop. TRU had hawkman, comic book shop had penguin, hawkman and batgirl. Nothing at either Walmart or Target. So now I need batman, flash and superman.

They had just brought the pallet full of useless junk and had the unopened box that said BB unlimited just sitting by its self in another row so i asked customer service call someone to open the box for me.

They had 3x batman,3x batgirl,& 3x penguin i was also trying to stall my wife incase someone on here requested for me to grab an extra i would of.

Also my Batman begins Batman comes in tomorrow atleast i hope so tomorrow is the last day ebay post said it would take to get here im excited.

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