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Default Re: Paul Giamatti IS Rhino

Originally Posted by DigificWriter View Post
^ I really think you're over-emphasizing the 'realism factor' when it comes to TASM. We're talking about a comic-book movie; Webb gave TASM a pastiche that was more grounded in reality than the Raimi films, but that's all this whole 'realism' thing is: a pastiche. Having another recognizable member of Spidey' s rogues gallery make a glorified cameo at the start of TASM 2 in no way, shape, or form 'automatically lowers the film to the juvenille level of a cartoon'. As I noted, it is totally in keeping with the film's synopsis and the parameters established by and in TASM 1.
That's debatable. That can go either way in some instances. The relationship between Peter & Gwen is certainly more grounded; as well as, Peter embracement of his new found powers as a teenager & the continue learning the limits or scope of it. Also, investigating and re-discovering his parents definitely bring a more human element, as it relates to Ben & May. The tone is certainly more grounded than Raimi's.

Yet, Raimi's films was fairly more grounded as well as far as the villains go thus far. Norman situation with the defense contracts and competitors was good motives for him rushing human testing, there by leading to split-personalities. We all know how real that can be giving the number a mass shootings taking place by those on prescription drugs that have not been tested for a numbers of years, but rushed to we see the results of these strong hallucinogenic drugs.

Doc Ock taping into the brain with nano-technology, controlling functions, thoughts, and robotics. One don't have to suspend belief that an accident could have happen...bonding so close to the central nerve and medulla part of the brain, that an operation could prove deadly.

The plot for both of these villains is certainly more grounded, I think, than a humanoid Lizard's plot to create a world without limits. Point being, both directors have had their moments in grounded realities.

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