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Default Re: TMOS Set & Official Photo Thread - Discussion Welcome - Part 9

Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
Tbh I can see why wire work doesn't look very natural. I just hope we're not over powered with the CGI like in Superman Returns. The one time the CG really worked for me in that film was when he was on the wing of the plane and they used Routh's head on a CG body but there were too many times where you saw Superman and he was completely CG. They also used it for some unnecessary moments like when Superman falls off New Krypton and that was a CG effect. I was like why? Just film your actor falling but I digress. I just hope for close ups they've used Cavill's head on the CG body. But as Gianakin said let's see the final result first.
Totally agree with this, CG is fine for motion shots from a distance but the closeups they had in SR looked absolutely awful. It takes all the tension and substance from a scene when it's made crushingly obvious that your protagonist isn't real.

The CGi in Avengers Hulk looks amazing by contrast, which shows that the technology (and artistic skill) is going in the right direction. He's a bright green behemoth however, and our eyes still find that much easier to accept than when we're staring at a CGi human - our vision is too conditioned to looking at real humans to accept a CGi one.

Until such time that they can render a human face and eyes in totally photorealistic style with no way of knowing the difference, they should only use CGi for shots from a distance where detail isn't such an issue.

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