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Default Re: TMOS Set & Official Photo Thread - Discussion Welcome - Part 9

Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
Tbh I can see why wire work doesn't look very natural. I just hope we're not over powered with the CGI like in Superman Returns. The one time the CG really worked for me in that film was when he was on the wing of the plane and they used Routh's head on a CG body but there were too many times where you saw Superman and he was completely CG. They also used it for some unnecessary moments like when Superman falls off New Krypton and that was a CG effect. I was like why? Just film your actor falling but I digress. I just hope for close ups they've used Cavill's head on the CG body. But as Gianakin said let's see the final result first.
I definitely agree in principle, but the shot you're thinking of (Superman falling off the edge of New Krypton) I imagine was a last resort kind of deal. I think they'd finished filming and were well into post, and when Singer realised he needed that shot, or wasn't happy with the footage he had of the moment, rather than get the actor back and hire crew and a stage etc. they just built it with CG. It looked great, too. I had no idea it was CG until one of the supervisors talked about it. One of the very few times I've been fooled by CG, and the only time in SR.

But yes, I agree.

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