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Default Re: What Character do you wish Marvel never created...

Originally Posted by BLACKVULCAN View Post
i beg to differ "Count of Monty Cadavers" while that is true the basic premise of a good character needs to be there from the start. Eddie Brock was a steroid using goon who was pissed that parker expose him. Huh! come on man! it was just an excuse for that 90's black outfit people were so caught up on! that dude sucked from day one!maybe he's gotten better cause i stopped reading or caring about that dude when he started showing up fighting Iron Man. i think the initial character and motivation needs to be there for a good character and i know... CATMAN!( but tell me you read any of that dude's stories till he got bad ass? hehe
Actually, Venom is an interesting idea for a character. Someone that can twist Peter Parker's whole identity around, know all of his secrets, have his powers, wear his costume, et cetera. That's a damn fine foundation for a new villain. When he showed up on the last page of AS#299, that was an all-time moment. It's hard to ask for a better introduction than the evil black-suited Spider-Man with teeth breaking into MJ's apartment. The 90's animated series probably did it best with Brock having motivation to hate the pompousness and smartassery of Spider-Man and things like Brock showing up at Aunt May's house, to owning Spidey and then threatening to go after MJ.

What are you talking about, it being an excuse for the "90s black outfit"? That had been around awhile before Brock showed up and had absolutely nothing to do with Venom.

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