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Default Will Star Wars ruin the Star Trek franchise?

Take this thread with nothing more than a grain of salt. I'm not here to say that Star Wars will ruin Star Trek, or get in its way. This is something I've been hearing from a lot of people lately, and wanted to discuss it here.

First, here is a timeline of the Star Trek/Star Wars movies and their release dates:

1977 - Star Wars
1979 - Star Trek: The Motion Picture
1980 - SW: The Empire Strikes Back
1982 - ST: Wrath of Khan
1983 - SW: Return of the Jedi
1984 - ST: The Search for Spock
1986 - ST: The Voyage Home
1989 - ST: The Final Frontier
1991 - ST: The Undiscovered Country
1994 - ST: Generations
1996 - ST: First Contact
1998 - ST: Insurrection
1999 - SW: The Phantom Menace
2002 - ST: Nemesis
2005 - SW: Revenge of the Sith
2009 - Star Trek
2013 - Star Trek Into Darkness
2015 - Star Wars: Episode VII

Having a Star Trek & Star Wars films being released only a few years apart isn't anything new. I think its a given that Star Wars will probably always make more money than Star Trek. With the 2009 film, it brought a lot of newcomers to come and see it. However, it was also the only major Sci-fi film to be released, and same with the upcoming Into Darkness.

With Star Wars coming out with new films, and an expanded universe (solo films for example), does anyone think it could ruin the chance of Star Trek really continuing, or will it end with the JJ Abrams movies (possibly a third and final one)?

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