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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
hmm, perhaps Surtur will have a heavy influence on this plot after all
could certainly be. He could be pulling strings to get the other realms against Asgard and encourage attacks on Asgard, at a time when Odin and the Asgardians are seen as weakened. Malekith is usually working with or for Surtur, yes? As I have been proposing in my speculation, could be that this war is being orchestrated, in order to further weaken the Asgardians, and spread out their warriors, so that the palace would be much more vulnerable to attack by the Dark Elves, with possible goal of getting something(s) from the vault. Sound like a plan that Surtur and Malekith might come up with?

We have lots of creatures there at Bourne that I've been thinking were trolls maybe, but they all look a bit different (color, and skin texture different, possibly not all the same race) and there seems to be only one guy with horns who I would call a demon for want of a better word (which I've pointed out before). It can't be Surtur, and I doubt he's Mephisto (he's a far snappier dresser ) but he could be a fire demon/lead minion of Surtur if they have CGI to add later. that interview with the FX people said they had some CGI characters, plural, to add to whatever fight scenes that were shown in that teaser/footage. I just suggest it because is odd though that I see only 1 "demon" there and yet a number of "trolls". So demon guy might end up being more than just random, and with that in mind, maybe sent by Surtur as his liason with the Vanir, and whoever else is involved in this group of invaders.

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