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Default Re: Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns Animated - Part 1

Originally Posted by spidermanJLA!~ View Post
Sorry to rain on everyone's parade, but every thread needs a little polite debate right?
I for one, was not a fan of this film at all. Mostly because it's just not my style. Batman, imo, was way too psycho. He's just a stubborn, annoying old man with no emotion at all. I found him very dis-likable. Joker, while I thought that the violence was way too much, made sense in the context and he got what he deserved. However, I was rooting for Commissioner Yindel during the shooting scenes.
(And btw, no one in this movie can shoot, so many misses) Now again I'm really reviewing the story, so you could say I'm reviewing the book, not the film, but still. Superman getting energy from plants makes sense, but was way too over the top. And then a plane just randomly falls to the ground from a nuclear explosion. Then Batman wakes up and rides on a horse to an army. It all makes sense, but it was just a bunch if stuff happening at once. Imo, this is in nooo way the best DCAM and I'll take Red Hood over this anyday.

PS. Just my opinion.
I disagree with you but fair enough.

IMO Red Hood was only OK. A few cool scenes but it wasn't anything special at all to me. TDKReturns part 1 & 2 are definately my favorite DCAM's at the moment. I even enjoyed it more than Mask of the Phantasm. Ill put Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker right behind TDKR.

This is honestly my favorite Batman. When he's miserable but still doing good (just in a twisted way). Stubborn is another thing that i love about Batman, even when it gets frustrating at times.

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