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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
No, I'm referring to this guy, who appears to be the only one there of his kind...

keep in mind he might get some cgi done to him as well.

Fair enough, but I get credit if the Vanir are involved.
yes, but not too sure. That guy is still wearing clothes and armor.

So, yes I understand what you are saying, but, just consider for a moment, if the big Surtur confrontation happens at the end of Thor 2. That would mean that they would be doing another storyline with another villain in Thor 3, assuming there is a Thor 3. SO, what do you think that would be, what would be a good follow up to fighting off Malekith, Kurse, and Surtur in Thor 2?

could be, true, true... I do think that it does appear that something BIG is summoned in Greenwich by Malekith and then heads West into London for a big battle, possibly along the Thames, based on what places were filmed at and near. Based on the fact that we didn't see AAA in costume or other Dark Elves running around those places, attacking people, or not that we've heard, it seems like that fight is going to be largely CGI, and probably won't simply be against Dark Elves.
I really don't know. If this leads up to Surtur, I feel it's sort of a waste of Surtur. Given how films, and the MCU works, Surtur deserves his own film. He really does. Him being the final act of this movie doesn't necessarily mean he won't be back for a ragnarok movie. Though I am not sure. Ragnarok could start with surtur invading and attacking, and it could conclude in thor 3 with the midgard serpent

So something big, probably not Kurse, maybe, but I'm just saying probably not, what choices are there? Surtur, World Serpent/Nidhogg, Ymir, what else?
too early to tell. I mean it depends on how much Kurse we get

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