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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

Originally Posted by CConn View Post
No, it's the epitome of expressionism, an extremely well respected and revered style of storytelling.

In which, substance has little to do with plausibility. To paraphrase Ingmar Bergman, it's more important for people to feel the story emotionally rather than understanding it on an intellectual basis.
Yes, just sitting in a room by himself like some ridiculous caricature of Rodin's "The Thinker" instead of, say, training, reading, watching the news, working on the batmobile, researching, patroling the city streets, you know, SOMETHING PROACTIVE, while two implausible bat signals attached to his roof shine a light directly into his room. So staged, so artificial. Scenes like this are one of the many reasons why Burton is regarded more and more as a hack director every day.

"We'll never see Day-Lewis and Kubrick, we'll never see Kurosawa and Eastwood, but we have officially seen Bale and Nolan, a cinematic dream pairing come to life!"
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