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Default Re: The Anti-Prequel Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Szetsilya View Post
Ok so this Tartokovsky's guy did the Clone Wars cartoons from years ago, not the awful animation thing that is going on now? The CW cartoons were amazing, they actually made Anakin likable and showed him being a hero. And General Greivous was freakin amazing! That is the only villain from the prequels who was as good as Darth Vader. In Ep III he was gawd awful and pathetic.
He was so cool because we spent two films seeing how pathetic and worthless the battle droids were and he is introduced having overpowered an entire star destroyer and several Jedi with them. He seemed intelligent and a real threat capable of beating the heroes. In the film he was crap. The biggest flaw of the prequels was the villains, I bet George hated how this show did him well. I love how at the end of the series they show Windu crushing his chest, as if to warn us that he's gonna suck in the film.

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