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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion

Originally Posted by Mrs Vimes View Post
If he's used well in DoFP I guess I wouldn't complain. I still wouldn't want him to take too much screentime away from the FC characters - yes his presence might be one of the selling points, but as I'm not a Fox executive it's not my job to care about that stuff.
Unless its Xavier,Raven.Magneto or Beast someones gotta fill that traveler role and take up a bit of time. Since they will be interacting with the First Class crew I dont really see that as taking away screen time.

The First Class crew has gotta step up the fire power somehow, otherwise its just gonna be Magneto stealing every scene again. Which is cool, but the X Men during the 70s gotta have a stronger line up or something. Especially since the modern team is turning up to be alot of A listers.

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