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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - Part 8

Now that I think about it, out of all of the actresses to have portrayed Lois, I believe Amy has had more contact with actors who have either worn the Superman suit for either a film or a small gig (commercial), or has actually played the character in some form of way, or has even auditioned for the role itself:

*Amy worked with Matthew Goode in "Leap Year", who was said to have been one of the runner ups after Cavil for the main role in MOS*

*We know that she had read lines along with Matt Bomer for the two coveted roles of Superman and Lois in one of the failed attempts that was being developed prior to the release of SR. Plus on a side-note, Bomer has worn the costume and did somewhat play the role live action wise for those Japanese car commercials and is even officially voicing for the role in the newest upcoming Animated film*

*Couldn't find a screecap or picture of her and Tom Welling, but we all know that Amy was on Smallville as well during its first season. It's kind of interesting on how she was a guest for a small role and ended up becoming the more prominent and successful actor out of the entire cast for the show's entire series run.*

*Need I say more? *

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