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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion

Originally Posted by josh8 View Post
The fact that Halle has remained silent regarding the movie makes me believe that they're just trying to negotiate things and once it's figured out, it'll be announced!
That's nice positive way of viewing things.

I guess it is weird that she has continued to remain silent whilst other like January Jones, Famke Janssen, Rose Byrne and even Alan Cumming have made comments about their characters. I guess your theory could be right as I see no other reason why she would stay silent on this matter. If she didn't want to do it she would have denied her involvement a long time ago and if she did want to do it but didn't know whether she was coming back she could also do what Cumming did and voice her interest in returning.

Halle is a weird one when it comes to these things, I think back in 2005 she was the last actor to be confirmed to return to X3 so maybe same will happen with this movie as well.

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