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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

a few quotes of interest, with reference points

"Anything we could do to give these guys texture. We couldnt really work on their behavior as much as we wanted because they're just too expensive. Everytime we cut to those guys It's expensive!" - Joss Whedon Avengers commentary re the Chitauri (during final battle)

"We would have A TON of Hulk, uh... it's incredibly difficult and expensive...." and... "and the reason for that is it was just too expensive to have too many intersticial shots of what was going on with him."- Joss Whedon Avengers commentary re the Hulk (during Thor brings the lighting, final battle)

"This whole sequence was, early-on, storyboarded... I mean, actually, it was previsualized by the Third Floor, and they did a lot of the movie in previs and postvis. Once we'd shot something they would then add a sort of mock-up of what the effects would look like since we literally didn't drop some of them in until under a week before we delivered the film. It takes that long." Joss Whedon Avengers commentary (during Tony arrives at Stark Tower first time) and that was the thing I was thinking of, btw, that I mentioned above. continues... "We had 2 years from the time I took the job until the movie had to come out, which is not enough years."

Victoria Alonso: I couldn’t tell you because we’re not working on Thanos, but for any character that is an all CG character like the Hulk, it took us, would you say 19 months? 20 months? So it’s almost a two year process from the modeling. The modeling and the rigging took forever.
Jeff White: And even the design work you guys did before, iteration after iteration.
Victoria Alonso: We had been working on it for, by the time you got involved, already eight and a half or nine months on all that had to do with the Chitauri and Hulk, the army and everybody else that had to be designed.

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