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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 1

Originally Posted by JB-the-Hunter View Post
From Toby Jones regarding Arnim Zola

Infinity Formula?

And from Hayley regarding Peggy
I'd say that could definitely have something to do with infinity formula, and furthermore part of BlackWidow being explored. Some big things we don't know about that went on between WWII and Avengers.

I've hinted at him trying to invent the infinity formula before in my posts but It'll be hard to find.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
If they're going this way, BW is most certainly tied to it but it's fairly obvious at first glance and if you know the comics. One idea may be that he sort of botched it a few times... created inferior forms of it. Fury doesn't have the same formula Widow will receive... As in she doesn't have it yet, and in one idea neither does Zola. He's a cyborg at this stage... Able to live a little longer but still with biological parts... he still has yet to either find a way to live forever that works better than what Fury secretly has; or he needs to transfer his consciousness into the robot body within this movie. That's one avenue his experiments may take him and why I've been bringing up Simon Williams... A man Zemo/Zola save from prison and turn into Wonderman while figuring out certain secrets to the formula and how to transfer consciousness into a robotic body permanently..

I was talking about how Zola might need his robot body to survive all this time and was one of the people unfreezing Winter Soldier and activating him again. He needed to stay unfrozen so that he could give orders to others. But if he had continued to age, he might end up dying.

The actors who play them would age over time. So because Zola may most definitely be back in action and not just flashbacks, he needs either the robot body or some way to stay in action (possibly a combination of both and maybe even freezing and waking more frequently than Winter Soldier).

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