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Default Re: ***Official X4 Campaign*** [JOIN US!]

As a Hardcore X Men fan Ill be excited at anything X Men they throw at us. A First Class Sequel, X Men with Cyclops leading, AOA, X Force, Deadpool, New Mutants etc. I just wanna know that DoFP leads everything off with the original trilogy for the better. They have alot to prove. I think your sig said you originally wanted FC movies till like 2025...things change all the time, sometime for the better. First step, make sure DofP doesnt suck. Which I really dont think it will

Like most I just want my favorite characters to get screen time. And so far none of mine are even in the current films, or have been destroyed in the past films. I just want Fox to prove they know to use the other 100 X men besides the ones they started with in X1-3. Thats all weve seen pretty much. That main team should always be a given regardless, just like they always go to Wolverine they will always go that team roster and villains. There should never be any worries that they wont be included in Foxs franchise. Just worries on how Fox handles them.

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