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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
Again, when it comes to Surtur having limmitted screen time, there is nothing to worry about. Trust me
honestly again, I really don't care if he's in it or not, I'd rather see "real" characters, and interesting storylines, than a lot of flashy effects. So, no I'm not worrying. Just you seem very heart set on seeing the character a lot, and we're friends (I hope) and so I don't want you to be disappointed if he isn't. Honestly, I'm sorry I even said anything now. SHEESH.

Yes. As big as the NY fight, not at all lol.

The ENTIRE bit of new york city was cgi for that movie. every building we saw in that battle was not there, it was ALL cgi. Essentially, the last 45 minutes of that movie was freakin ALL cgi lol. THAT costs a lot of money.
there was a lot of filming around London reported without principal actors and with crowds reacting but very unclear what they were reacting to, isn't that sort of part of the same scenario? Clearly whatever the crowds are reacting to, etc, is being filmed on a stage and will be put together later in a similar way. (I agree though it'll likely be smaller, but I'm not sure that much smaller)

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