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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

And that's the problem; people who don't understand the actual meaning behind scenes like that, falsely assume/interpret the scene, and end up with inaccurate criticisms.

For that scene in particular, it's all about how - after the death of the Joker - Bruce has withdrawn even farther into his obsessions, depression and isolation. That Bruce is rendered listless and downright impotent when he's not Batman. Thusly, if we went with squaremaster's assertion that he should be doing something other than sitting around in a darkened room, the undertones of Bruce's depression and isolation wouldn't be as prevelent.

Now sure, you could probably illustrate the same thing without the overly overt mirrors, but at the same time, they could very well be a visual representstion of how Bruce has so thoroughly surrounded himself in his work as Batman. The overt nature of the mirrors could very well mean that Bruce doesn't even really care if anyone does find out if he's Batman, as that's all he really is at that point in the film, anyway. Additionally, the fact thst thry are so obvious yet Bruce's secret is still kept coild be an illustration of just how isolated Bruce is; that no one outside of Alfred or him have even been close to Wayne Manor since the events of B89.

Either way, the real message of that scene is that Bruce is alone, depressed and rudderless as a human being when Batman isn't in the picture. Any critique surrounding it should really be more about whether that's a proper direction to go with the characterization of Bruce.

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