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Lightbulb 3 Reasons "Days Of Future Past" Is Actually X4

My Hype friend Angamb made a post today in another thread based on a tweet he saw from Lauren S. Donner:

Originally Posted by Angamb
Lauren S. Donner has answered on twitter about X-men 4!!! after a full month without tweeting

says "trying!!!"

Its coming guys, we told you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lauren's twitter posts are protected so I can't confirm visually anything beyond what Angamb posted. But naturally, many may assume that she's referring to a film coming out after Days Of Future Past. But I believe it's a strong possibility that she's giving us foresight into the studio's position on this franchise. And as each day passes, and more details emerge about this production, I'm beginning to seriously believe X-Men: Days Of Future Past IS the long-awaited X4. Now before you go "Naaaah", just think about it for a second. There are at least 3 reasons to believe that we're already looking at X4 being produced now:

1.) Return To Form: This film is obviously picking up after X3. And Bryan Singer is picking up with it. This film will feature original franchise actors we've not seen together on screen since 2006's Last Stand. And they will be reunited with the director who assembled them as a cast. For FOX, this franchise is returning to all the ingredients that made it superior in the first place.

3.) Timing: The idea that the studio would wait to see how Days Of Future Past performs to bring back the original actors for a future X4 is a stretch. It's already been 7 years since The Last Stand. The original actors are getting older and moving on to other projects, etc.

4.) Killer Robts: The Sentinels were hinted at in X3, as the team "practiced" for battle in a simulation. However now these beings will be part of a major storyline feature of this film. It's a natural evolution--and again an expansion of the previous sequel.

The above being stated, I strongly believe that X-Men Days Of Future Past is nothing more than a working title just like X-Men: The Last Stand. I also think this may be the final send-off to a great cast--a send-off they never got properly with Last Stand.


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