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Default Re: 3 Reasons "Days Of Future Past" Is Actually X4

Lauren said that X4 treatment leads to X5, so....

thanks for creating the topic, lightning, I think the issue deserved it.

but back on topic, we all know that Fox wants to create a shared universe just like Marvel. So... even if Fox dont create a crossover between F4 and x-men, they would need x-men movies set in present.

so do you really think Fox would release X-Force in the near future, instead of 'X4' with the whole original cast? when the general audience knows perfectly that cast?

lets be honest guys, a x-men sequel with Hugh, James, Anna, Halle, Ellen, Alan, and even Taylor Kitsch, with Shawn, Daniel and some more would SELL. easily.

They are the core x-men. Those are the x-men the audience misses. Those are the x-men from the animated series.

We cant deny its potential. Specially if Singer is directing, and he brings his A-game with the action scenes and the power of each x-man.

X4 with the full cast more the current special effects would be Epic. Lauren probably feels the same, and thats why there is a X4 treatment with X5 connections.

Singer loves this franchise, and the original cast. we love the characters....

why not?

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