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Default Re: 3 Reasons "Days Of Future Past" Is Actually X4

lets play this little game for a second:

- imagine we are on July 2014 and Days of future past ends being a mindblowing sequel, with amazing sequences from the sentinels and badass moments from Wolverine, Iceman, Kitty and Rogue like we have never seen before. The movie is a huge success. Everyone is happy, Fox is happy, the fans are more than happy, fans are crazy, both with the FC cast, but specially with the original actors, everyone talking how badass was that scene of Wolverine, how great it was to see Iceman iced up some times, attacking the sentinels with all that ice... how great Ellen was and how kick ass Rogue was, fans more excited than ever, wishing to see more from them all, more from Iceman, more from Kitty, for Logan and Rogue, everybody excited, praising the movie and Singer everywhere

- Some months later, Fox makes an official announcement: Bryan Singer to direct next sequel set in present with the full original cast

- honest Question: How would you react?

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