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Default Re: Ultimate Spider-Man animated series discussion thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by tdeverea View Post
Spectactular S-M was definitely well-written and entertaining. Ground-breaking, thought-provoking, and deep? No.
I disagree. It was groundbreaking in several ways, like having an enormous cast that plumbed the depths of Spidey's supporting cast and rogue's gallery (true, the 90's show did it first, but Spec took it further). And by having every single character be someone from the comics. And by making Gwen Stacy a main character. And by having the series play out over a clearly defined and specific time frame. And the show also upped the ante with the action scenes, which helped make way for Avengers:EMH to take it even further.

Thought-provoking is a little harder to nail down, but for my part I never thought much about how Venom's monster-mouth works before (I've decided it's an optical illusion). I never thought about how Aunt May pays the bills (probably social security, for starters.) I liked how each of Peter's classmates is well-rounded and has a unique relationship with Peter. I liked how he kind of has three father figures (Captain Stacy, Norman Osborn, and Jameson). Maybe it's just me getting older that I'm noticing these things.

And just because the show was packed with action doesn't mean it wasn't deep. To be fair, I didn't think it was deep either at first, but it has the most developed version of Flash, the most developed version of Eddie Brock, and even Jameson has to go through some development before he wants to destroy Spider-Man at all costs (at first he has no interest in him besides publicity). There are lots of moments where Peter is tested as a person, such as when he meets Tombstone and realizes that fighting super-villains isn't making a difference in the long run, or when he realizes his feelings for Gwen, or when he came across Uncle Ben's killer again. And look over Season 2, where they're putting on the play, and see how it's used to frame each episode, especially "Growing Pains" where the auditions subtly comment on the action, or "Opening Night" where the play's dialogue does the same thing. This show may not have been serious all the time, but it had depth to spare.

Okay, rant over. My 2 cents, thanks for your time.

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