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Default Re: ***Official X4 Campaign*** [JOIN US!]

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
As a Hardcore X Men fan Ill be excited at anything X Men they throw at us. A First Class Sequel, X Men with Cyclops leading, AOA, X Force, Deadpool, New Mutants etc. I just wanna know that DoFP leads everything off with the original trilogy for the better. They have alot to prove. I think your sig said you originally wanted FC movies till like 2025...things change all the time, sometime for the better. First step, make sure DofP doesnt suck. Which I really dont think it will

Like most I just want my favorite characters to get screen time. And so far none of mine are even in the current films, or have been destroyed in the past films. I just want Fox to prove they know to use the other 100 X men besides the ones they started with in X1-3. Thats all weve seen pretty much. That main team should always be a given regardless, just like they always go to Wolverine they will always go that team roster and villains. There should never be any worries that they wont be included in Foxs franchise. Just worries on how Fox handles them.
I get u, def. My faves characters havent gotten the approach they deserved either. Thats why I really believe 'X4' could be THAT movie.

I believe in Singer, specially now, after Avengers success, and at the same time, after his previous movies, the not so successful Superman returns too, Im sure Singer has a different vision now, I feel like he wants to please the fans more now than back in the day. And Im sure Fox want to please us more too. Fox made big mistakes in the past, but Im sure many of their executives know perfectly why Avengers was a big success, and a good part of that is because Marvel gave the fans why the wanted. They wanted to see a big team movie where everyone had their moment, big action and of course had the comic costumes. The fans were pleased, the general audience were pleased, so the word of mouth made the rest of the work.

Fox now has bigger plans for the X-men. and signing Mark Millar is one of their first good decisions.

They now have Singer, Vaughn and Millar on board, and all together (Fox and creative team) will take care of this franchise better in the upcoming years.

Im positive not just because Im a crazyblind fan, Im just confident because I know things have changed, both in the movie industry and comic movies industry, and on Fox.

And again, I believe Singer is back on the franchise because he always had big plans for it, and with Lauren's support, they will push the studio to move forward.

I just hope Fox realizes soon the incredible potential the X-men universe has.

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