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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 7

Originally Posted by Aron9692003 View Post
So I was in Walmart again trying to see if any of the batman unlimited figures or dc unlimited were put out for sale and I seen a lady over in toys working, just before she was going to the back I caught her and showed her pics of the batgirl, penguin, and hawkman on phone, she then told me that, that display was going out February 18th. Don't know how accurate for others walmarts.

Then I was in toys r us and there was one of the main guys I see working there helping me find hawkman, he doesn't collect any of the stuff but knows what most of it is so I then showed him pictures and asked him about the dark knight trilogy movie masters three pack and he had no idea of when or if they'd get it.

I went to about 3 different Targets today, and 2 of them had a handful of batman and dc unlimited figures. I appreciate you asking TRU about the 3-pack. As of now, we have yet to hear anything about a release date (even though some have speculated end of February), but the information you heard says that they have no idea as well.

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